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Contaminated water suspected as 140 Bangladeshi garment workers become ill

Over 140 workers from two garment factories near the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka have taken ill. It is suspected that the illnesses were caused by contaminated drinking water.

As AFP reports, the news comes as the Bangladeshi garment industry faces close international scrutiny. This was brought to a head by the recent collapse of a garment factory which resulted in the death of 1,129 people.

The illnesses occurred at Joydevpur, an industrial town north of Dhaka. While the factories in question produce Western clothing brands, officials did not identify which brands.

Police inspector Humayun Kabir told AFP, "At least 141 of them were rushed to one hospital. Some others were taken to other hospitals. The factories were closed for the day.

"Primarily we suspect the water supply of the factories could be contaminated."

A similar incident earlier this month only heightened the controversy surrounding the Bangladeshi garment manufacturing industry.

The quality of drinking water is not limited to Bangladesh's factories. It is an acute problem throughout the impoverished nation. According to the NGO,, 32 million of the nation’s 160 million people lack safe water.



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