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Consultation opens on national hydrogen strategy

In attempting to find new renewable energy sources, additions to wind and solar are increasingly coming to market. The federal government is now pushing for the development of hydrogen energy generation in Australia, particularly as nations such as Japan and Korea look to new power sources.

The federal Australian government hopes this demand for hydrogen energy opens opportunities for local industry and is now seeking input from local industry on the development of Australia’s hydrogen industry.

Led by the COAG Energy Council, the consultation papers cover areas including hydrogen for industrial users, developing a hydrogen export industry and hydrogen at scale, among other topics.

The federal government hopes that the hydrogen power industry can develop beyond supplying power for buses and automobiles and to provide base-load power with zero-emissions. Hydrogen has the potential to compliment renewable electricity generation in areas such as chemical manufacturing and high-temperature industrial heating applications.

Developing a hydrogen industry for local and international energy generation has the potential to drive investment in the manufacturing sectors which supply equipment and technologies to the extractive and energy sectors, according to Minister for Resources, Matt Canavan.

“The development of our hydrogen resources will create new Australian jobs and an export industry valued in the billions,” said Canavan.

The development of hydrogen as a power source for local uses has the potential to reduce the cost of lowering emissions as prices for other energy sources remain volatile, said Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction Angus Taylor.

“The Government has already invested more than $100 million into hydrogen projects, partnering with industry to develop tangible solutions that are important for bringing down energy prices while keeping the lights on for Australian households and small businesses,” said Taylor.

The consultation process will feed into a national strategy for the development of an Australian hydrogen industry, which will be published by the COAG Energy Council by the end of 2019.

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