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Manufacturers’ Monthly spoke with CAPS product manager William Chan about how its new series of oil-free scroll compressors help reduce energy costs and increase productivity.

A vast array of manufacturing sectors require clean, dry compressed air to comply with safety and hygiene standards and avoid product contamination or damage.

For instance, oil-free compressors are needed to reduce the contamination risk for food and beverage manufacturers. In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, clean air is critical when dealing with toxic chemicals to avoid accidents or process disruption. Product quality is another consideration – expensive electronics must not come into contact with oily or wet compressed air and fabrics in the textile industry can’t be stained or damaged with oil from standard compressors.

The ideal approach to achieving and maintaining this critical air purity is to minimise the risk of contamination in the first place by using oil-free compressors. Though they come with a higher initial capital cost, oil-free compressors offer long-term savings associated with less ancillary equipment and servicing as well as a significant reduction of risk, often making them a worthwhile investment. CAPS Australia meets these requirements with their range of ISO Class 0 oil-free compressors, guaranteeing 100 per cent oil free air for industrial applications.

CAPS product manager William Chan, who has over 25 years of experience in the air compressor industry, explained how the market has changed over the years.

“From the user’s point of view, when I first joined this industry no one cared about energy because it was so cheap. In the last few years, energy prices have risen causing people to look at the bottom line more. Having compressors as energy efficient as possible helps the end user,” he said.

“From the OEM or distributor point of view, we need to bring products which are not only price competitive, but technologically advanced at the same time.”

CAPS’s new CS Series of oil-free scroll compressors meets all of these needs, offering an all-in-one solution with a dryer, storage tank and compressor in a single unit keeping the real estate of the system as compact as possible.

This smaller footprint translates to higher efficiency, a key component when choosing the right compressed air system particularly as energy prices skyrocket across the country. Offered as single phase from 1.5kW – 2.2 kW or three phase from 3.7kW to 7.5kW, CAPS suggests this integrated solution as ideal for small industrial applications requiring oil-free air.

The CAPS commitment

Established in 1980, CAPS boasts more than 44 years of experience in compressed air and power generation. As an Australian owned and operated company, CAPS is with their customers from start to finish.

“Our customers can access product managers who have years of expertise in a wide range of technologies,” Chan said.

“We do site visits and interact directly with the customer, which some OEMs can’t provide because they are overseas. We operate in the same time zone and can be with our customers through the entire process, offering suggestions and advice.”

Delivering a compressed air system, especially for the manufacturing segment, often requires a specifically designed system unique to each application. CAPS specialises these in end-to-end solutions, with in-house engineering allowing them to design, supply, and install bespoke, purpose-built systems to clients with specialised applications, and state-of-the-art factory acceptance test bays assuring quality and compliance.

As an independent company with the flexibility to search globally for the best products that are price competitive, technologically advanced, and best serve the Australian market’s needs, CAPS works alongside world-renowned partner brands such as Ingersoll Rand, AIRMAN, Kohler and many more.

“We are not tied with a particular OEM so we can provide the correct solution relative to the client’s interests,” Chan explained.

“We represent different compressor brands, meaning we can mix and match for certain applications, rather than being limited to one brand. This is usually in the best interest of the end user.”

With a huge inventory of spare parts and over 60 service technicians covering the whole of Australia, CAPS also makes sure to be positioned to support their equipment for its entire lifetime.

“With ten branches nationwide and 24/7 service for maintenance and emergency breakdowns, CAPS endeavours to lead the industry in service and solutions.”

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