Compressed air system down! Pharma customer needed oil-free air. Quick!

Atlas Copco’s customer’s oil-free compressed air installation suffered an unexpected breakdown. Jeopardizing production was only one of the severe consequences if the (oil-free) air didn’t start flowing again … soon! When faced with a critical situation, who do you call?

Time was running out.

Understanding the urgency and importance of the situation, Atlas Copco Rental swiftly mobilized resources to provide the right solution … Quickly. In tandem with logistical arrangements, Atlas Copco technicians prepared the ZT 160 FF VSD+ to hit the road. This unit was a perfect match with the required Class Zero oil-free air quality and matched the pressure and flow requirements of the customer. And because it’s fitted in a lifting frame, a special “Atlas Copco Rental feature,” it’s always ready to go quickly.  Click here to learn more about the ZT 160 FF VSD+.

Making agility count, every single time.

Within hours of receiving the call, Atlas Copco had the compressor on site, ready for air to start flowing again. The seamless connection to their compressed air system was achieved efficiently, thanks to the expertise and cooperation of both Atlas Copco’s own team and its customer’s experts. By swiftly providing the necessary equipment and ensuring a smooth transition, the company helped the customer maintain uninterrupted production without any compromise in quality. This, in turn, prevented any potential financial losses that could have arisen from prolonged downtime.

This project exemplifies the benefits of renting industrial air compressors. Renting offers much needed flexibility and adaptability to address unexpected situations, such as peak production demands or equipment breakdowns. It allows you to access the required equipment without the burden of ownership expenses and maintenance concerns, for example.

Atlas Copco Rental takes pride in being a reliable partner that delivers efficient solutions on demand, regardless of the customers’ location. Emergency situations like this, is one of the things they do best. Atlas Copco keep their heads cool and manage the situation for you. The future-proof fleet ensures that clients always have access to the best possible equipment, guaranteeing optimal performance and peace of mind.

To find out more about the benefits of renting, contact your local account manager here.

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