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Complicated iMacs cause headaches for manufacturers

Apple has been tipped to delay the launch of their new range of iMacs after encountering problems with their manufacturing process.

According to TechSpot the troubles centre on the 5mm edge thickness of the iMac chassis, which is 80 per cent thinner than previous models.

During construction the computers pass through an aluminium welding system under high pressure, similar to the assembly process for some aircraft wings, like the Airbus A380.

While the high pressure system allows for thin and seamless joins, the complexity of the Macs and inexperience of computer manufacturers with the technique has led to delays.

It’s also reported Apple’s manufacturers are having trouble producing the iMac’s new screens, which are 45 per cent thinner than the previous model.

Like most other rumours surrounding the notoriously secretive company, Apple has refused to make any comment on delays with its manufacturing process.

Earlier this year Apple CEO Tim Cook warned the company was facing a “significant shortage” of new iMacs for the fourth quarter.

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