NETZSCH Australia Pty Ltd

The NETZSCH Group (established 1873) is a worldwide active family-owned German company engaging in the manufacture of machinery and instrumentation with worldwide production, sales, and service branches.

The three business units Analyzing & Testing, Grinding & Dispersing and Pumps & Systems act independently with the goal to provide tailored solutions for highest-level needs. The NETZSCH Holding ensures the synergies between the Business Units through worldwide communication.

With over 3000 employees working at 163 sales and production centres in 28 countries across the globe guarantee that expert service is never far from our customers.

PUMPS AND SYSTEMS BU – The world’s largest manufacturer of progressive cavity pumps, founded NETZSCH Australia in 2011, with offices in NSW, Queensland, Victoria and WA.

NETZSCH has been manufacturing progressive cavity pumps over 60 years and has an unrivalled range of positive displacement pumps including progressive cavity, rotary lobe, twin screw, dosing pumps as well as a range of macerators and grinders. NETZSCH has manufactured some of the world’s largest progressive cavity pumps at its factory in Bavaria. Capacities up to 600m3/h. Pressures up to 48 bar as standard, and up to 240 bar as high pressure. Rugged, Mine Dewatering pumps are available with pressure up to 72 bar and high flows in proven technology.

Currently we keep more than 50 stock pumps and over 500 spare parts in our 650m2 warehouse in Kings Park, New South Wales.

ANALYZING AND TESTING BU – Since 1962, NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing has consistently provided our customers with the latest thermal analysis techniques, the broadest range of highest-quality products, the most complete technical support and the most comprehensive service. Analyzing and Testing opened a sales and service office in Kings Park, New South Wales in 2013.

Thanks to our experienced team, NETZSCH Analyzing and Testing consistently offers the utmost: the most complete product line, the widest temperature range and the highest measurement pressure, to name a few. The series of patents and international R&D awards that we have received attest to our products’ leadership in terms of technique and quality.

GRINDING AND DISPERSING BU – NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial Wet Grinding, Mixing and Kneading equipment. For more information visit: