Busicom Solutions

The Busicom Group provides a comprehensive solution for all of your welding quality assurance and trade resourcing needs.

Our solution enables you to deliver your projects on time, on budget and at the highest quality level.

We provide an all-inclusive welding solution for projects of varying size and scope throughout Australia. The key components of this solution include:

  • Design of your QA/QC Program through our Inspection and Test Plans.
  • Development of a blueprint for obtaining high quality consistent welds on your project through our Weld Procedures.
  • Resourcing your projects through the supply of skilled Welders and other Engineering Tradesmen.
  • Verifying that your team have the ability to weld to procedure through our Welder Qualifications and associated documentation.
  • Increasing the productivity of your projects by mobilising and managing your workforce.
  • Validating the quality of welds on your manufacture through our 3rd party inspections and QA reports.
  • Busicom meets your Welding Quality Control and manpower requirements through two distinct but related entities.

Busicom Inspections and Training Solutions (BITS)
Busicom Service

BITS and Busicom Service work together to provide a comprehensive solution for all of your welding needs through one dedicated service team including your Welding Inspector, Account Manager, Sales Engineer and Customer Success Manager