AutoFast Australia

The AutoFast® Riveting System is a fusion of worldwide-patented breakthrough technology and innovation. The AutoFast® Riveting System is the industry record-holder for the fastest rivet application with a time of one rivet per second. This riveting system promises to increase production rates, improve end-product quality and reduce installation costs. Through its ergonomic design and features, it improves occupational health and safety.

The competitive advantage is clear – no other riveting system competes with our speed, flexibility, safety and reliability.

AutoFast Australia's growth since going to market in 2008 has been phenomenal due to the huge interest in our product and service capabilities.  Companies who implement our products and services experience tangible improvements in their productivity (one customer's productivity has increased four-fold).  Industries include sheetmetal manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing & maintenance, steel-frame home construction and solar energy generation to name a few.  Their reasons to implement the AutoFast® Riveting System?  Productivity increase, cost savings (reduction in waste), increased safety, tool and service reliability, and speed.

AutoFast Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive distributor of AutoFast riveting technologies in the Australia and Asia-Pacific regions. We supply superior rivet tools that manufacturing and fabrication facilities could leverage to achieve their rivet fastening goals.

Manufacturers need to invest in innovative ways to increase productivity to compete in this tough global market.  The AutoFast® Riveting System will be key to this.

We look forward to hearing from businesses within the manufacturing and fabrication industries to see how we can move them forward with AutoFast® technologies.