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Company presents new face: ‘engineered tough’

ONE of Australia’s leading compressed air technology groups, Champion Compressors, recently unveiled an entirely new public image, comprising a new company slogan, a new colour scheme, and a company mascot–Champ, the Blue Heeler.

Conceptualised and developed by the company’s marketing communications specialist, Paul Issai, the company ‘makeover’ focuses Australian industry on the core benefits of the Champion Compressor solution-set.

“We felt it was important that our public face should reflect the core values that have kept Champion Compressors at number one for decades,” Issai said.

“Our new company slogan–Engineered for tough performance–says it all. Ours is an Australian-made product. Parts can be sourced locally in Australia, and a rich base of in-country engineering know-how supports the product range.

“These are rare attributes in the Australian air compressor sector. They also address some crucial operating issues in a country as vast and climatically challenging as Australia.”

The new mascot, Champ, has also been selected to reflect the core attributes of the company and its products and services.

“The Blue Heeler has long been regarded–not just in Australia, but around the world–as a highly prized working dog,” Issai said.

“This Australian breed is well-known for its reliability and loyalty, its unrivalled capacity for hard work, and its ability to handle extreme conditions. There are clear and obvious parallels between these two Aussie breeds, Champion Compressors and the Blue Heeler.”

The company colours will also change progressively to a charcoal and orange combination, reflecting the colours of the entire Champion Compressor range.

The makeover will be unveiled progressively during the fourth quarter of 2007, and will impact the company’s web site catalogues, brochures and other technical and commercial documentation.

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