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Company awarded membership to GS1

IN today’s fast paced society, barcodes are used so commonly that the practice almost goes unnoticed. Barcodes are used by the products and services that we consume daily, such as a ticket on public transport, buying milk at the supermarket or a new shirt from an outlet store.

It is essential barcodes are printed and generated correctly because if they weren’t the time delays to customers and companies, the cost to business, would result in a substantial inconvenience to our daily lives.

GS1, the global organisation that governs the barcode system (a multi-industry system of identification and communication for products, services, assets and locations) and associated barcode quality standards, reports that of its one and a half million members, approximately more than five billion scanning transactions can occur globally in one day.

insignia is one organisation that is committed to continually investing in the next level of technology and resource training to ensure they continue to produce their renowned ISO accredited barcode labels.

As a result of its commitment to best label printing practices, insignia is able to advise its customers of its recent upgrade from Business Alliance Partner to the peak partnership tier of Strategic Alliance Partner with GS1 Australia. GS1’s manager, alliances & partnerships, Joseli Munive, advises this is a significant achievement with only a small number of suppliers within Australia awarded this top level partnership.

insignia was one of the first ICT (Information Communication Training) solution providers to join the GS1 While GS1 remains a standards organisation that maintains neutrality, the GS1 Alliance Program was established to identify hardware and software suppliers in the ICT Industry that not only provide solutions to GS1 members but were committed to standards and ongoing investment.

As a Strategic Alliance Partner, insignia will now hold a position on the GS1 Advisory Group. In conjunction with GS1 executives, the group meets with other Strategic Alliance Partners quarterly to discuss and create input to development and industry relevant topics.

insignia will also be profiled as Strategic Alliance Partner at the GS1 Knowledge Supply Chain Centres located in Sydney and Melbourne.

insignia – 07 3364 2121.

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