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Compact fan technology

EBM-papst A&NZ will show its new S-Force compact fan technology on stand 4711 during National Manufacturing Week.

The design goal for the S-Force series was to develop a new generation of fans that could provide more pres sure, and more air flow than previous models.

The S-Force series of compact fans is available in sizes from 80 to 250mm. The fans are said to offer high levels of air performance and pressure build-up, and “first-class” motor efficiency and a long service life.

At the heart of the S-Force series are compact single-phase and three-phase multi-pole motors with wear-free electronic commutation.

According to ebm-papst, the motors offer high efficiency and low energy dissipation.

The fans are suitable for a wide range of applications where air movement is required, due in part to their intelligent equipment features, which include speed monitoring; closed loop speed control; operation monitoring; integrated or external temperature sensor; microprocessor-controlled motor management for software-controlled fan operation.

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