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Commonwealth joins Vic gov in funding for ventilator manufacturing

The federal government has joined its Victorian counterparts in supporting Australian manufacturers who are providing critical medical products.

On April 9, federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, announced that Grey Innovation would receive $31.3 million from the Commonwealth to produce ventilators.

This grant comes in addition to the $500,000 Grey Innovation had received from the Victorian government. Grey Innovation is leading a consortium of manufacturers to produce ventilators. The life-saving equipment enables those with COVID-19 symptoms that limit their ability to breathe.

According to Andrews, Grey innovation will produce 2,000 of the ventilators.

“This is another great example of Australian industry and the private sector working with our Government to ensure critical supply of medical equipment during the outbreak of this virus,” she said.

The funding is the latest round of targeted support for the Australian manufacturing industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, which have encouraged collaboration across sectors to ensure that needed supplies are being produced locally.

“This deal demonstrates the power of bringing Aussie manufacturers and clinicians together and is also a reflection of the highly advanced manufacturing capability that exists in our country,” said Andrews.

“It also shows the incredible collaborative spirit that’s been on display as we respond to this unprecedented pandemic. Companies which are normally in competition are working together for the greater good.”

According to Grey Innovation executive chair Jefferson Harcourt, the network of advanced manufacturers in Victoria has enabled businesses in the state to flexibly respond to changed needs.

“Victoria has the highest concentration of leading engineering and manufacturing companies in Australia, and as such, we are well placed to work together to build the Notus emergency invasive ventilators as quickly as possible,” Harcourt said.

“We thank the Federal and Victorian Governments and the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre for their support of the vision and rapid response to get the program under way, and are overwhelmed by the willingness of our industry colleagues to respond in this critical hour of need.”

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