Combining to become a one stop shop

The merger of Regal Rexnord and Altra Motion has allowed the companies to provide better solutions to the manufacturing industry.

The merger of Regal Rexnord and Altra Motion has allowed the companies to provide better solutions to the manufacturing industry in Australia.

Regal Rexnord and Altra Motion have joined forces to become a one-stop shop for Australian manufacturers for any need from conveyors through to generators.

The two businesses are now under the umbrella of Regal Rexnord IPS Oceania, combining decades of experience under one roof.

Separately, the businesses have been providing some of the most respected brands in the industry, including Falk, Rexnord, Stieber, Marland Clutch, Tollok and Autogard to name a few.

Now that the merger is complete, Regal Rexnord can take its proven service to the next level; it has complete solutions for any manufacturer.

The company was originally established more than half a century ago, focussed on the domestic manufacture of metal cutting tools and gear boxes. In 1955 it was known as Beloit Tool and set up shop in a roller rink in Beloit, Wisconsin.

It has moved its corporate headquarters and re-branded its company several times since 1955. It currently resides in downtown Beloit, Wisconsin. In 2021, following the merger with Rexnord, Regal Beloit Corporation became Regal Rexnord Corporation.

By uniting Altra’s automation capabilities with its electromechanical expertise, it is better together. And together, it is creating a better tomorrow for its customers, its associates, and its communities.

Harnessing its extensive engineering expertise from some of the best in the business, Regal Rexnord can work as one unit to provide solutions that go beyond the initial sale of the product.

The company plans to work with customers to provide maintenance and bespoke solutions to suit any project with the flexibility of an engineering powerhouse.

“Regal Rexnord IPS is now even better placed to offer highly engineered solutions,” Regal Rexnord IPS general manager Shane Rock told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“We’re seeing a lot of opportunities in being able to offer solutions that aren’t just standard off the shelf.

“Our ability to do bespoke modifications locally has certainly expanded with the merger given the much broader product range,” he said.

The aim of Regal Rexnord is to establish synergies in application expertise that ensure end-to-end client support.

“Being able to engineer those products together is something very few suppliers are able to do,” Rock said.

One way the company is putting this into action is through its IoT digital platform, Perceptiv intelligence.

An interconnected matrix of smart digital solutions that have the potential to empower and elevate everything in the Regal Rexnord universe, Perceptiv uses cloud technology to track, report, communicate and share performance data.

“In the near future, I expect Perceptiv will be able to communicate between our products and offer the customer even more valuable information on their system,” Rock said.

The merger also means Regal Rexnord is expanding the way it does business.

The company is incorporating Altra Motion’s strong field service work capabilities into its offering, bringing maintenance and engineering solutions direct to the customer like never before.

“Now that we have this field service capability, it’s something we can expand into,” Rock said. “I think the customers will be happy that someone can go to a facility and have knowledge of the complete system a manufacturer is using.”

“The plan is to provide everything from commissioning through to repairs and general servicing.

Regal Rexnord wants to ensure its team are equipped with knowledge it needs to provide the best customer experience possible.

“In the past, we’ve looked around to other suppliers,” Rock said. “Now, everything is internal – our own products.”

“That means we can optimise our engineering design and become more agile as we’re involved the whole way through.”

Agility in an industry as diverse as manufacturing in Australian cannot be underestimated, and it’s Regal Rexnord’s customers who are the first to benefit.

“Early feedback from the customers is they think the merger is a good thing,” Rock said.  “They can see the benefit of speaking to one company about the entire system provided by Regal Rexnord.

“All of the brands that we have now are all well respected, market leaders in the manufacturing industry so customers know they can trust in our offering.”

Regal Rexnord sales director Junior Eltagonde told Manufacturers’ Monthly the company’s increased scope of knowledge paired with its name-brand recognition is what sets it apart.

“We’re a one-stop project management package for manufacturers,” he said.

“We’ve heard from customers in the past that they’re looking for avenues for complete solutions where they can utilise brands that are well known in the marketplace.

“We offer a complete package – the depth of knowledge we have for engineering and the quality of our range means the whole team can work together collaboratively to provide a solution for the customer.

“We go from selling the product to helping the customer commission it on-site to providing extra technical support and troubleshooting for areas they need assistance with,” he said.

As eyes turn to net-zero targets, the renewable space is growing rapidly for manuafcturers and a number of products from Regal Rexnord can be found in wind turbines.

“Svendborg Brakes is involved in wind energy,” Rock said. “Renewable energy was not an area Regal Rexnord was heavily involved in, so the Altra Motion merger has really opened that up.”

The Regal Rexnord–Altra Motion merger is opening some interesting doors for crossover in the workshop.

Rock said Altra Motion’s mobile service is something the company plans to on foster under the Regal Rexnord banner.

“We’re looking to expand what Altra can do to cover the entire product range so the customer gets someone on site who can service the complete drive train,” Rock said.

The company plans to roll out its expert services to on-site operations early next year, with teams across the world working on interconnecting Regal Rexnord range.

The merger allows Regal Rexnord to grow its footprint in Australian manufacturing like never before, with a culture of knowledge and focus on customer service that has been a cornerstone of the companies separately for decades.

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