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Combination shrink-wrapping machine

PERFECT Packaging has introduced the Combo 55/85, a combination shrink-wrapping machine capable of sealing and shrinking in one operation.

Combo — seals and shrinks in one operation.

The Combo seals and shrinks in one operation using centre-folded shrink films with very low energy consumption and comes with advanced features including electronic controls.

The film is kept open around the product-loading tray, an operator easily inserts the product and moves it along with film to the sealing position and then brings down the hood to initiate the sealing.

This is followed automatically by a shrinking process that is facilitated by the magnet keeping the hood down. Hot air is circulated inside the transparent chamber in the hood down position for excellent shrink results all around the package.

The 55/85 shrink wrapping machine will seal and shrink PVC shrink films or the company’s high performance polyolefin films.

The machine is said to be ideal when space is limited as its compact design incorporates two machines in one, only needing a single operator.

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