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Cochlear expands collaboration with Danish company GN Hearing

The Australian hearing implant producer Cochlear has signed an agreement with GN Hearing, the Danish hearing-aid manufacturer, to expand their joint research and development program and commercial collaboration.

The collaboration between Cochlear and GN Hearing, called the Smart Hearing Alliance, was first established in 2015. The signing of the new agreement will see the two companies strengthen their integrated product offering and expand their presence in the clinical hearing aid and implantable hearing solutions markets globally.

The collaboration will include a focus on fast-moving connectivity and wireless technology to allow for closer integration between Cochlear and GN Hearing technologies. The two companies will leverage research and development investment to jointly develop firmware and software technologies.

Cochlear CEO and president, Dig Howitt, said that the agreement would strengthen the commercial collaboration between the two companies for their joint work to enable the delivery of cutting-edge hearing solutions.

“By expanding our collaboration with GN Hearing, we’re able to bring the latest in connectivity and wireless technology to our implant recipients more quickly,” Howitt said.

“We’re also able to give bimodal recipients – those using a cochlear implant in one ear, and a hearing aid in the other – unparalleled performance and a seamless experience with both devices. As two leaders in our areas of hearing health, this collaboration demonstrates our commitment to design and bring to market the best hearing solutions available.”

GN Hearing CFO Marcus Desimoni said the agreement would help make the most advanced hearing technology more accessible with integrated solutions.

“GN Hearing is committed to advancing what is possible for people with hearing loss,” Desimoni said.

“This strategic partnership is a very smart and cost-effective way to expand the research and development capacity of both companies to reach our goals.”

The agreement will see further development of integrated bimodal hearing solutions by Cochlear and GN Hearing using the two companies’ devices and also with Apple and Android technology. Most recently, Cochlear and GN Hearing collaborated to bring to market the first Made for iPhone Smart Bimodal Solution, enabling recipients to synchronize streaming to both ears from a compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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