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Coalition will “cost people their jobs” in car manufacturing: Combet

Federal industry minister Greg Combet has said that a lack of policy from the opposition was dangerous to investment in the automotive industry.

Combet rounded on comments by Mike Devereux, reported by Manufacturers’ Monthly and others yesterday, that the outcome of the 2013 election would decide the future of the industry.

“He also remarked that comments by those in the coalition creating uncertainly about the future, were creating significant doubts about that investment," said Combet in remarks reported by AAP.

The industry minister also told Question Time yesterday that car manufacturing was the “bedrock” of Australia’s manufacturing industry, and ongoing support for it was “vital”.

The opposition spokeswoman for industry, Sophie Mirabella, said that the Coalition’s policy would be released “in good time”, but its exact position on auto manufacturing is unknown.

The opposition treasurer Joe Hockey recently criticised the amount of money spent of subsidies for car makers, taken by some to mean that he would lower the level of protection afforded to auto manufacturers.

Combet said yesterday that a Coalition government was “going to cost people their jobs" in the sector.

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