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CNC turret punch press

THE LATEST in CNC turret punch press technology was launched by Applied Machinery earlier this year at Austech 2007.

The Yawei-Nisshimbo HPI series is designed to run Wilson wheel tooling and perform other punching and forming operations.

The HPI series comes in three sizes: 3044 (1250mm x 1250mm); 3048 (1250mm x 2500mm); and 3058 (1500mm x 2500mm); all with 30t punching capacity and to 1000hpm.

Machines come standard with brush or ball table, Siemens 802D, Amada style thick turret tooling system with two auto index stations, and Metalix software (version 8.5 or other as required).

The HPI series is supported by the HPH series; a similar spec machine, but without Wilson wheel tooling and forming function support.

For more information email Applied Machinery

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