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Clive Palmer may fight government’s Direct Action climate change policy

Federal MP Clive Palmer has called the Federal Government's Direct Action climate change policy a “token gesture” and said he could vote against budget bills to block it.

As the ABC reports, such a move could potentially force a double dissolution election. However, the opposition, while opposing the government policy, has ruled blocking budget bills and therefore put an end to that possibility.

"We'll be voting against Direct Action, whatever form it's in," Mr Palmer in a statement.

He added that the money cloud be better used to support pensioners.

“On one hand the government makes broken promises, yet on the other hand they commit to campaigns that waste money like direct action” Mr Palmer said.

As AAP reports, Mr Palmer not only opposes the direct action policy but also the still-operating carbon tax. He wants it to be repealed and payments already made to be repaid.

If the tax is repealed, as is likely after the new senate sits on July 1, his resource companies will save millions of dollars a year. Because of this, he abstained voting on the repeal legislation in the senate.

Speaking on the ABC earlier this month, Mr Palmer downplayed the threat of anthropogenic climate change.

He said scientists would be better off concentrating on the "97 per cent" of carbon dioxide emissions that come from nature.

"It's not logical. If we say 97 per cent comes from nature and we don't even bother examining how we can reduce carbon in nature, just in industry, it's not a proper balance," he said.

"I mean, if we say we want to reduce it by 1 per cent, which I think is the target globally, to do that, why can't we take some from nature, some from industry, or maybe all from nature?"

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