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Clean Energy Future plan to guarantee manufacturing competition

The government’s Clean Energy Future plan will make sure Australia’s manufacturing sector remains competitive into the future, according to the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Mark Dreyfus. 

The plan includes a tax on carbon emissions from 1 July 2012 – a strategy that has received much disdain from Australia’s manufacturing industry.

The Clean Energy Future plan includes ‘significant’ assistance for struggling manufacturers, says Dreyfus, in the form of Clean Technology programs to help industrial companies reduce their energy use and costs, create new jobs and skills, develop clean technologies, break into new markets and profit from Australian research.

Dreyfus, speaking to businesses at the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA) Annual General Meeting, outlined the forms of assistance manufacturers can apply for as part of the package.

You can apply for…

The $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program will help manufacturers transform their production processes and products so they can thrive in a low-carbon economy;

The $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program will help food and beverage processing and metal foundries green-up their processes;

The $200 million Clean Technology Innovation Program will support the research, development and commercialisation of clean technology products, processes and services;

The $5 million Clean Technology Focus for Supply Chains will help manufacturers and suppliers prepare to compete for clean technology projects;

The $32 million Clean Energy Skills Program will build the workplace skills needed to deliver energy efficiency, clean energy and low pollution products;

The $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation will drive investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and low-emissions technologies; and

The Jobs and Competitiveness Program will support jobs and investment in industries with a heavy carbon footprint that are trade exposed. This program is ongoing and is worth $9.2 billion in the first three years of the carbon pricing mechanism.

Dreyfus says a low-carbon future will present opportunities for every manufacturing company in Australia. 

“Under the Government’s plan to put a price on carbon pollution, the manufacturing sector will continue to have a strong future,” Dreyfus said.

“Modelling undertaken by Treasury shows that with a carbon price, Australia’s manufacturing sector will grow its output by 69 per cent by 2050 compared to today’s levels.

“This is made possible because the Government’s plan will drive incentives for all businesses to reduce their emissions, whilst helping companies transition and invest in the clean energy technologies of the future.”

The Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research will consult with manufacturers between October and December 2011 on the specific design of the Clean Technology program. Call the AusIndustry hotline on 13 28 46 or email for information.


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