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Clean 21 strategy pushing manufacturing forward

The Gillard Government has established a national Clean 21 Technology Innovation Network, designed to assist small and medium businesses reduce running costs, environmental impact, in addition to becoming more competitive and sustainable.

The network is being delivered by Enterprise Connect and is part of the broader Clean 21 manufacturing industry strategy.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr supports the strategy and believes the Government understands that clean technology is the way forward for manufacturing.

“Enterprise Connect has conducted Business Reviews for over 3,000 firms and energy, water and waste efficiency are part of those reviews, The Clean 21 Technology Innovation Network will provide even more specific and specialised support on clean technology issues,” said Senator Carr.

“For example, electricity use might be identified as a major sustainability opportunity for a business during a Business Review.

“The Network could then link the business into the Commonwealth’s Smart Grid, Smart City Project, where it would receive one-on-one advice from Energy Australia on its electricity use and reduction opportunities.

“We will make better use of existing expertise regardless of where it exists, in our mission to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and costs while making them more sustainable and profitable,” he said.

The Clean 21 Network is attached to the Clean Technology Innovation Centre in Newcastle which has been renamed to better reflect the scope of work it does with the clean technology sector.

The broader Clean 21 strategy was announced during the last election and also includes Clean 21 Industrial PhDs through the Australian Research Council, Clean 21 Manufacturing Priority for Cooperative Research Centres, Clean 21 Making Better Managers through Enterprise Connect and the Clean 21 Built Environment Supplier Advocate.

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