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Cisco releases IoT system

Cisco has released an Internet of Things system to manage large scale systems of diverse endpoints and platforms, and the data deluge they create.

Called, logically enough, IoT System the release covers six critical technology elements or ‘pillars'. When combined together into an architecture, these pillars are intended to help reduce the complexities of digitization.

1. Network Connectivity: This pillar includes purpose-built routing, switching, and wireless products available in ruggedized and non-ruggedized form factors.

2. Fog Computing: ‘Fog' is a distributed computing infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) which extends computing capability – and thereby data analytics applications – to the ‘edge' of networks. It enables customers to analyze and manage data locally, and thereby to derive immediate insights from connections. Cisco predicts that 40% of IoT-created data will be processed in the fog by 2018. Over 25 of Cisco's network products are enabled with Cisco's fog computing or edge data processing platform, IOx. 

3. Security: The security pillar of the IoT System unifies cyber and physical security to deliver operational benefits and increase the protection of both physical and digital assets.  Cisco's IP surveillance portfolio and network products with TrustSec security and cloud/cyber security products allow users to monitor, detect and respond to combined IT and Operational Technology (OT) attacks.

4. Data Analytics:  The System provides an optimized infrastructure to implement analytics and harness actionable data for both the Cisco Connected Analytics Portfolio and third party analytics software.

5. Management and Automation: The System provides enhanced security, control and support for multiple siloed functions to deliver an easy-to-use system for managing an increasing volume of endpoints and applications, field operators need an easy-to-use management system.

6. Application Enablement Platform: Offers a set of APIs for industries and cities, ecosystem partners and third-party vendors to design, develop and deploy their own applications on the foundation of IoT System capabilities.

Cisco also announced 15 new Internet of Things related products within the six pillars.

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