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Chinese demand for Australian wine on the way up

Australia’s reputation as a wine producer and its sales to China are both on the way up, reports a Chinese news service.

CRI reports that Australia’s status as a New World wine manufacturer is high, with the local perception of an exporter with unique wine, and innovative packaging and growing techniques.

Chinese interest in Australian wine is increasing, with Wine Australia noting that the country is the fastest growing export market, with sales increasing 37 per cent in the year to March 2012.

The Chinese also appear to be putting more and more money into Australian producers, and the ABC has reported that the last year has seen Chinese investors partnering with Gemtree Winery ($5 million), and buying Stonehaven ($6 million) and Ferngrove ($10 million).

"The return from China, I would suggest, is going to be a long time in the future,” Tony Spawton, a Professor of Marketing from the University of South Australia told CRI. Spawton believes that Chinese curiosity in Australian wine is in its infancy.

You know it's an enormous market, but the adoption of wine as a product beyond the novelty stage, which it is currently at, is going to take a while."

Recently, companies such as Jacob’s Creek and Treasury Wine Estates have highlighted the value of the Chinese market in their profit results.

Compared to this country, only France exports more wine to China. The Asian Century is expected to increase the region’s prominence as an export market for wine and other food and drink products.

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