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Chinese company 3D prints 10 houses in a day from recycled material

China’s WinSun Decoration Design Engineering Co. has reportedly created 10 houses in a
day using 3D printing, with printer “ink” made from recycled material. reports that the company was
able to assemble the houses at a cost of $US 4,800 each. The parts are made
from “recycled construction waste, tailings and industrial waste”

The printers are 32 metres long, 10 metres
wide and 6.6 metres high. These machines were assembled at Suzhou, CEO Ma Yihe

Winsun has “said it has for
years been working on developing the system and its materials,” 3Ders reports.

“The company owns 77 national patents of construction materials, such
as glass fiber reinforced gypsum and special glass fiber reinforced cement.”

The Financial Times notes that there
may be disagreement about whether or not the houses could actually be
considered 3D printed, as the walls and other sections are put together after these are printed.

If this makes the Chinese effort
illegitimate, then Dutch company DUS Architects would still be in the running
the call themselves the first to have 3D printed a house. Their project is
scheduled to be completed in three years.

Since WinSun’s announcement, 3Ders
report that China is planning a 3D printed house project in
International Sculpture Park.



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