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China plans to be leader in chip manufacturing

China wants to become a leader in electronic chip
manufacturing by 2030 and its government has set out a blueprint to help the
country do so.

IDG News Service reports that Beijing released policy
guidelines to develop the semiconductor-making sector on Tuesday.

The plans include the establishment of a “financial
platform and policy environment” by 2015 to support the local chip

In addition, the government is setting up a committee to
develop the industry and is starting a fund to support industry players. And local
banks will be encouraged to invest in the market.

In a separate statement, China’s Ministry of Industry and
Information Technology said China not only wants to sharpen its competitive
edge, but is also trying to reduce its reliance on foreign chip makers. This reliance
is reflected by the statistic that the country’s integrated circuit imports were
worth US$231 billion in 2013.

However, progress is starting to be made. For example, in May, Intel Corp reached an agreement with Chinese mobile chipmaker Rockchip to
make chips for tablets running Google’s Android platform.

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