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Chemical factory fire at Campbellfield

Fire fighters were summoned to a chemical recycling factory fire in Melbourne’s north at 11 pm on Wednesday night.

The cause of the blaze is investigated.

Sky News reports that more than 50 personnel from the Fire Brigade were at the Campbellfield site. According to The Herald Sun, a community warning was issued at 12:09 am the fire was brought under control at 1:17 am.

There are concerns about barrels containing an unknown chemical, reports the ABC, though there is no evidence that the air surrounding the site is unsafe.

"We're still not 100 per cent sure of what the contents of the drums are but we do know that they're actually bulging," said Andrew Zammit, the Metropolitan Fire Brigade’s assistant.

"The minute we start to take the cooling water off them they start to bulge again."



Image: Sky News

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