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Changes at Welding Technology Institute of Australia

In order to better meet the needs of its members, the Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) is currently going through a significant change program which will see an improvement in the scope and quality of the services it provides to members.

At the centre of the program is a fundamental refocussing of our culture to put our members, individual, and corporate, at the centre of everything we do. In addition, after an extensive program of focus groups, we have defined an overriding strategic objective: Australia First – onshoring welding and fabrication projects.

As well as a new and improved range of advisory services we have initiated a number of programs to improve the flow of technical information available from our extensive database of research and consulting projects. Central to this initiative will be a new e-commerce platform and a ‘Wikiwelding’ repository for technical data.

Welding technology touches many parts of the manufacturing industry and is often the unsung hero of some of our largest and most successful projects. From trains, cars and bridges to LNG gas plants, mines and power generators welding plays a critical role in the Australian economy.

However, the current trend to send major construction fabrication offshore is devastating our industry. No blame can be attached to asset owners and prime contractors who must find the best value they can. However, they must compare competitive tenders on an equal basis in order to make a fair comparison. In response Australian companies must invest in plant, people, technology and systems to ensure they are internationally competitive.

We have some of the most talented welders, technologist and engineers in the world but without the work they will quickly dissipate around the world. WTIA is committed to reversing this trend, growing our welding capability and ensuring we are globally competitive.

[John Burnett (pictured) is the President of WTIA]

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