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Centre for green chemistry opens at Monash University

A new centre for research into green manufacturing will enable Australian manufacturers to adopt environmentally-friendly chemical processes.

Housed at Monash University, the ARC Training Centre for Green Chemistry in Manufacturing brings together researchers from Monash, Flinders, Deakin and Curtin universities.

“New innovations based on green chemistry principles applied in Australian manufacturing will provide technical and professional training for researchers in this space, and lead to new products and processes with strong export potential,” said Monash University School of Chemistry Professor Antonio Patti.

The centre for green chemistry comes after a recent announcement of the use of green hydrogen for chemical processes such as the manufacture of ammonia, from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

As industrial manufacturing represents one area that is difficult to electrify, due to its reliance on process heating to levels that electricity cannot reach, and the use of fossil fuels as feedstocks, the green chemistry represents the potential to bridge this gap and allow manufacturing to decarbonise. Such a differentiating factor could enable Australian manufacturers to compete globally, said Minister for Education, Dan Tehan.

“This new training centre will put Australia at the forefront of using green chemistry, which means another advantage for Australia’s manufacturing industry,” said Tehan.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews, also noted the potential for green chemistry to develop and grow industries.

“Chemistry provides inputs for many manufacturing products and processes, as well as representing a global industry in itself,” said Andrews.

The Centre will bring together postgraduate students and post-doctoral fellows and teach them relevant industry skills to be applied with industry partners, as Senator for Victoria, David Van, highlighted.

“Victorian manufacturers will look to the research undertaken at this training centre to better improve their own processes. This will ensure they are at the forefront of environmentally-friendly technology,” he said.

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