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Central Coast business park proposal supports 7,500 new jobs

A major business park planned for construction at New South Wales’ Central Coast would create 7,500 jobs in advanced manufacturing sectors, a local newspaper has reported.

The NSW Government is currently reviewing the $650 million Bushells Ridge subdivision proposal, which includes: 150 business allotments; services, utilities and associated infrastructure; and warehousing and distribution.

Aerospace, defence and automotive manufacturers are being urged to join the Bushells Ridge Estate, according to The Newcastle Herald

The estate could also facilitate machinery and equipment manufacturers, and printing and publishing plants.

Just yesterday, defence manufacturer Thales announced Austrian rifle manufacturer Steyr Mannlicher would refresh their contract to build the next-generation Steyr Mannlicher F88 assault rifle for the Australian military under the LAND 125 3C program.

Thales received $8 million of government funding to improve firing capabilities of Steyr F88 rifles used by the military and manufactured at the company’s NSW Lithgow Arms Factory. 

[Image courtesy of The Newcastle Herald.]


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