A guide to navigating the world’s tightest industrial market

Right site, wrong time? A guide to navigating the world’s tightest industrial market

With Australia’s logistics property market currently the tightest in the world, Australia’s leading supply chain and logistics consultancy, Prological, has partnered with JLL and Pedavoli Architects on a new white paper that examines the current issues in the industrial property market. Read More

Harnessing the benefits of Edge AI for industrial safety – The Pivotal role of Edge AI in manufacturing.

To avoid losing their competitive advantage, businesses in the manufacturing industry need to act now to scale up their AI and Edge technology. Read Backplane’s new whitepaper to find out how Edge AI Technology can help promote safety. To find out more, download the white paper here:
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The future of hydrogen in Australia’s resources sector

Set to be a leading zero-emissions fuel alternative, hydrogen is at the threshold of becoming an industrial-scale reality. The Australian mining and resources sectors are on track to be early adopters of this technology, the growth and accessibility of which will rely on modern automation. Read More