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Cardia to provide environmentally-friendly bags for Breville

Breville Group Ltd will buy and market environmentally-friendly juicer bags by Cardia Bioplastics as accessories for the company’s market-leading Juicer juice extractors.

Melbourne-based Cardia – which manufactures and develops compostable, biodegradable bags in China, made out of resins from renewable sources – will provide Clean and Green bags for the US-based Breville.

“Partnering with a global consumer products company such as Breville on this project and the successful launch by Breville to its customer base in the USA, is an endorsement and credit to Breville as they lead the way to environmental friendly practices,” said Cardia chairman Pat Volpe.

“It also demonstrates Cardia’s versatile Bioplastics technologies as Cardia wins the confidence of a world class designer and maker of kitchen appliances”

The announcement, made this morning, is tipped to provide strong sales for Cardia, which was established in 2002 as Biograde Ltd, according to its website.

Michelle Smith-Aikin, Breville USA’s Food Prep category manager, lauded the effectiveness and sustainability of Cardia’s product.

“We recognised that consumers are always looking for even faster clean-up when they’re using a juicer and that most were using their produce bags in their pulp bins to help with the clean up,” she said in a statement

“The Clean & Green™ juicer bags are the solution for a faster clean up while providing a fully compostable – biodegradable option to dispose of the pulp.”

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