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Car plan welcomed by ICNL

The release of the Government’s new car plan has been welcomed by the Industry Capability Network.

ICNL, which has been operating the Team Australia Automotive initiative, said it was very pleased to see that the successful work performed under that program has been acknowledged with an agreement in principle to build upon it under the proposed Automotive Market Access Program.

Executive Director of ICNL, Derek Lark, said the Team Australia Automotive initiative had brought together all the relevant bodies within Australia to promote our capabilities into the US market under a single marketing banner.

“Our acceptance in market has been excellent and contracts have been written as a result. Expanding the concept under the Automotive Market Access Program is a very welcome outcome of the New Car Plan,” Lark said.

“We have found that direct in market representation, using a single point of contact and brand, has been extremely effective in engaging with decision making executives.

“We are looking forward to working with the Government, Austrade, industry, and manufacturers in the implementation of the New Car Plan,” Lark said.

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