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Car industry vision paper released

The first phase of Australia’s car industry roadmap has been completed, with Industry Minister, Senator Kim Carr, and the Victorian Industry and Trade Minister, Martin Pakula, releasing a report outlining a strategic vision for the Australian automotive industry.

The report was developed at a recent Vision Workshop held in Melbourne with key automotive industry stakeholders and marks the first phase of a comprehensive technology roadmap — the Automotive Australia 2020 Project.

The automotive technology roadmap is about identifying and mapping the industry’s capabilities and needs to 2020 and beyond — allowing the industry to play to its strengths and support innovative technologies with strong commercial potential.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Automotive Technology (AutoCRC) is managing the project, which is supported by the Australian and Victorian Governments.

The report identifies the trends, drivers, needs and capabilities of the Australian automotive industry and outlines the following vision:

“Australia’s automotive industry must achieve recognition as a strategic element of the global automotive industry to be attractive to global companies and their investors. Australia must have a sustainable, profitable vehicle manufacturing industry with global reach that maximises opportunities in local and international markets. The industry must be bigger, more productive, and provide more jobs in the manufacturing and supply sectors. This can be achieved through leveraging existing strengths and building new capabilities.”

The development of a roadmap has been endorsed by the Automotive Industry Innovation Council — formed as part of the Rudd Government’s $6.2 billion New Car Plan for a Greener Future to help drive continuous innovation in the auto industry.

“The Council has played an extremely important role in getting industry commitment to developing this technology roadmap,” Senator Carr said.

“The Rudd Government will continue to work in close partnership with the automotive industry to develop a comprehensive roadmap for a sustainable future.

“This vision report is a crucial first step in developing a roadmap that will drive innovation and continue to support high-wage, high-skill jobs in this vital manufacturing sector.”

The roadmap also builds on the Victorian Automotive Manufacturing Action Plan.

“This roadmap, combined with the action plan, is further evidence of the Brumby Government’s hands-on approach to working with the automotive industry,” Minister Pakula said.

“The Brumby Government will continue to work with companies, unions and communities to secure jobs and ensure that we retain critical skills and capabilities in Victoria.”

The Australian automotive industry roadmap will be developed in six phases:

• Phase 1 — Establishing a vision

• Phase 2 — Defining immediate domestic and long-term future global market need

• Phase 3 — Understanding national capability

• Phase 4 — Identifying key tactical and strategic opportunities

• Phase 5 — Strategic opportunity roadmap development

• Phase 6 — Prioritisation Establishing a vision is the critical first step in the roadmapping process.

For a copy of the vision report and more information on Automotive Australia 2020, including opportunities to participate, visit

The roadmap is expected to be completed by April 2010.

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