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Capral CEO joins the Australian Aluminium Council Board


Tony Dragicevich has been elected to the AAC board at the recent 2022 Australian Aluminium Council (AAC) Annual General Meeting.

The AAC is the peak industry association representing the Australian aluminium industry. The Council’s members are comprised of organisations operating across the diverse range of sectors which make up the Australian aluminium industry including bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting, and aluminium extrusion production and distribution.

“It is a honor to be elected to the AAC board and I look forward to working alongside the other board members as we take steps to advance the AAC’s charter of representing local businesses contributing to the production and distribution of aluminium within Australia,” Dragicevich said.

“Capral have been a member of the AAC since 2020, and we view the AAC’s role in representing the industry and raising awareness of industry needs, opportunities and challenges as critical to the ongoing sustainability of our local aluminium industry”.

Australia is the world’s largest producer of bauxite and second largest producer of alumina, critical raw materials used in the production of aluminium metal. The Australian aluminium industry contributes around $13 billion in exports to the economy every year and provides direct employment for more than 15,000 people and indirect jobs another 60,000 people.

The Australian Aluminium Council is committed to representing its members and the broader industry by:

  • Increasing understanding of the aluminium industry in Australia and internationally
  • Encouraging the growth of the aluminium industry in Australia and in the use of aluminium in Australia and overseas
  • Acting as a focal point for the industry on key national issues such as climate change, energy, trade, health and the environment
  • Informing and assisting all those with an interest or involvement with the industry

Additionally the Council, through its technical group, develops and maintains material specifications, standards and other technical data for users both within and outside the industry.

Typically, AAC board members have come from organisations representing the upstream industry including mining, refining and smelting. As CEO of Capral Aluminium, Australia’s largest extruder and supplier of semi-processed aluminium products, Tony’s appointment helps to diversify the experience of the AAC board to include representation from downstream industry.

“This will be a great chance to actively support the advancement of the Australian aluminium industry and the many people who contribute to it,” he said. “The industry is embracing a period of opportunity and change as we transition to a low carbon economy. Australian aluminium is important in both international and domestic markets and the AAC has a critical role to play in assisting local industry to remain current and competitive in the global arena.”

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