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Canberra manufacturer to supply $1.7m bomb disposal robots to police

Canberra-based engineer XTEK has been awarded a contract worth $1.7 million to supply two explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots to an Australian state police force.

The contract includes the supply and maintenance of one Telerob Telemax robot and one Telerob tEODor robot, which will primarily be used for bomb disposal operations.

The TEODor is a world-class EOD robot designed to perform all the standard tasks of a bomb disposal engineer, while the Telemax is a smaller version.

This is the company’s second EOD contract this year following an agreement to supply another state police force with the ICOR Caliber T5 robot in January.

XTEK also has the ability to offer value-added solutions such as upgrading of the tEODor robot or customising a range of equipment to meet local demand.

“This value-add is an important differentiator four our business as it allows us to further cement our position as the leading provider of EOD and other tactical and security equipment products for defence and law enforcement agencies in Australia,” said Philippe Odouard, XTEK’s managing director.

“Our company has won a number of significant tenders in recent time and we are well place to win additional contracts off the back of the increase in spending by agencies in the area of homeland security.”

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