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Canavan steps down as Minister for Resources

With swirling accusations of him holding dual citizenship, Senator Matt Canavan has decided to step aside from Federal Cabinet as the Minister for Resources. At a media conference held yesterday, he said that his mother had applied for his Italian citizenship in 2006 without his knowledge or consent, while applying for herself. He also mentioned that if his dual citizenship has been approved and binding or not.

According to reports, Senator Canavan “did not intend” to resign from his position and is relinquishing his duties until the issue has been resolved.

According to section 44 of the constitution, citizens of Australia who possess another citizenship from another country are ineligible to hold elected office.

In the interim, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has installed Barnaby Joyce as the stand in for all of Senator Canavan’s duties and portfolios until further notice.

Whether or not, this issue will affect many of Senator Canavan’s ongoing projects and initiatives, still remain unknown at this time. Among the many ongoing projects, he had previously been given full discretion earlier last month to regulate the export of Queensland LNG with the end goal of making sure there is enough gas for domestic use in Australia.


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