Calling all advanced manufacturers…

“Innovative though unheralded” could be used to describe more than a couple of Australia’s best manufacturers. Sadder still, it could be applied more widely to Australia in general. Austrade is in the middle of a program trying to change all that.

"We said ‘let’s have a content strategy,’ and that’s been running for about 18 months now,” Toni Leemen, Manager of Brand Engagement for Brand Australia told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“And the basic unit of that content strategy are the stories, we’ve got about 200 stories at the time, matching those themed areas… So if you look on the website it matches those areas. You can see culture, design, environment, science, society and technology. So very broad brush strokes, it means there’s a lot of opportunity to explore great stories that come up, because they’re quite broad categories.”

Starting in 2010, Austrade has been trying to change how Australia is viewed by the world. Research undertaken before the launch of the Building Brand Australia showed that the world sees this country as full of natural beauty and friendliness, but is not as highly regarded in areas such as technology, innovation and creativity.


“The strategy is very much about being able to produce these contemporary stories of Australia to other Australians who are located internationally, to Australians who are travelling frequently on business, and to Australian industries and associations who are very often taking missions and delegations and so on,” said Leemen.

Part of telling stories worth hearing involves the Australia Unlimited iPad and iPhone magazine apps, as well its website www.australiaunlimited.com.

For Australia Unlimited, February is Advanced Manufacturing month, and if you’re an advanced manufacturer, Austrade wants to spruik your story.

“We’re content hungry, and we’re particularly – not under-represented, but – we could have more stories from this sector,” admits Leemen. 

Whether you make pharmaceuticals, aerospace components, smart fabrics, or something else entirely, it doesn’t matter. Australia Unlimited wants your story and wants to tell the world about it in February.

To find out more about Australia Unlimited click here.

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