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CalAir wins innovative industrial product of the year

THE 2007 Endeavour Award’s Australian Product of the Year – Industrial, was awarded to CalAir Pipe Systems at a gala function held in Sydney on August 2, with Kanga Loaders and Speedshield highly commended.

CalAir Pipe Systems designed its product with the goal of challenging the dominance of traditional metal products for distribution of compressed air, gases and liquids.

With more than 6,500 applications of its products in Australia and internationally, the company’s success springs from its ranges of easily installed and recyclable polymer piping systems, which challenge the dominance of traditional metal products for distribution of compressed air, gases and liquids.

It was for these very reasons that the locally manufactured pipe products from CalAir Pipe Systems, won the Innovative Product of the Year — Industrial (sponsored by Advance Metal Products).

John McNab, MD of CalAir was ecstatic about winning the award and told Manufacturers Monthly the edge came from innovation.

“We don’t know anyone else that can offer this kind of product and the added credibility and statue this award will give us is very important to us.

“It showcases us as an innovative company and you can’t buy that kind of publicity,” McNab said.

Typically weighing eight times less than steel — with commensurate safety benefits for handling — the company’s pipe systems are designed to be easier and faster to erect and reconfigure than metal systems of copper, stainless steel and galvanized iron.

The halogen-free formulation opens up new markets for polymer pressure pipe used for compressed air, industrial gases and liquids, as well as applications where human life and health may be at risk and high-cost assets are to be protected.

Unlike metal welded systems, the CalAir system can be dismantled, cleanly packed away and reconverted to a new use. No expensive specialist trades (such as welding) are involved in the product’s installation or reconfiguration, which can change simply with production needs.

With products installed in projects ranging from services of the Sydney Opera House to operations of Australian top 100 companies (including Ford, BlueScope Steel and BHP-Billiton).

CalAir has been recognized by the Australian Government with an Export Achievement Award and accepted into the Government-sponsored Australian Technology Showcase as a company with new and innovative products capable of achieving world markets.

Highly Commended

Automation Control Systems has developed ‘Speedshield’, a fully integrated Active Intelligent Speed Adaptation (AISA) system for mobile plant and automotive equipment, which the company also manufactures and distributes.

The system works to enforce safety procedures and controls vehicle speed on industrial sites, protecting people and equipment from injuries and damage.

Its flagship product, the SSV3, provides zone based active speed and acceleration control of the vehicle without driver intervention.

The key difference between SSV3 and other mobile plant safety equipment is the ability of SSV3 to provide zone based active speed and acceleration control of the vehicle.

Some benefits for customers are the improved safety environment it creates on industrial sites by protecting both personnel and infrastructure from damage due to inappropriate over speeding.

The control system’s unique capability to define multiple different maximum speed zones, plus tine height and curve speed control, enables the combination of efficiency in vehicle movement and safety in operation.

It can also provide unique capabilities in Logic Based Driver Restraints. With power up, power down, de throttling and appropriate alarms controlled by enforcing correct safety restraint usage.

Paul Dawson executive director at Automation Control Systems said that ensuring the safety of employees is a key focus of the product and it was designed with this in mind.

“Innovation is at the heart of Speedshield, with over 60% of employees directly involved in engineering. These awards are a great recognition of the tireless effort by our diverse, highly skilled and motivated staff.

“I am excited by the prospect of greater market awareness of this technology, as it is my belief many companies are not currently aware of the safety systems currently available and the immense improvements they can make to workplace safety.

“The Endeavour Awards and resulting acknowledgement by the manufacturing industry are a reassurance that our company is taking steps in the right direction to develop solutions to workplace safety concerns,” Dawson said.

Highly Commended

Round the clock mining operations often require 24/7 and 365-a-day mine production. This was a prime consideration when the Kanga D800R was developed.

The company’s design team went to work developing a radio controlled loader that could operate in hazardous areas without operator presence avoiding risk exposure to personnel and costly plant shut down.

The engine, all the mechanicals, body, wheel assembly and tracks, communications systems and other components are all heavy duty.

At just 1000mm high and 1020 wide, the D800R can operate in restricted spaces such as under conveyors and in tunnels and is designed to withstand accidental rollover and the harshest of environments.

Being customisable, the unit is therefore constructed to suit the end-user application as best as possible.

Michael Boyacii state sales manager for the company told Manufacturers Monthly receiving such an award is a fitting tribute to the organisation’s drive and dedication to OH&S in the workplace.

“We pride ourselves on quality of work and the design and manufacture of such equipment so it ranks among the world’s best — especially in relation to accident prevention.

“To have the D800R publicly recognised as one of the most innovative industrial products of the last 12 months is an honour to the company as well as a third-party certification that this remote-control technology is world-class,” Boyacii said.

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