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Buy Aussie paper: CFMEU

CFMEU pulp and paper workers have met federal parliamentarians, lobbying them to buy locally made paper products.

“Buying Australian-made paper should be a no-brainer for government and it would be a huge boon for local jobs,” said Jack Evans, a member of the group that met with MPs.

Anthony Pavey, the CFMEU’s Maryvale sub branch’s secretary and another member of the delegation, said that other countries’ governments considered local industries when procuring materials.

“When making their ‘value for money’ assessment, they should take into consideration the benefit of supporting thousands of jobs that put money back into Australian regional communities,” Pavey said.

The meeting is part of the union’s “Let’s Spread It Around” campaign, urging the government to adopt policies to spread the benefits of the resources boom more widely.

The paper industry has recently criticised the federal government’s announcement that it would include cuts to the public sector’s printing costs as part of an attempt to save $550 million.

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