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Business Reviews lead to success

In 2010 Manufacturers’ Monthly announced a new category for the Endeavour Awards – the Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award.

The award is designed to recognise the achievements of an Australian manufacturing SME which has significantly transformed its business practices with the assistance of the Enterprise Connect program.

As winner of this year’s award, Pinz has personified this concept by introducing a complete management team culture shift.

Since completing an Enterprise Connect Business Review in 2008, the exterior blinds manufacturer says its team moral, practices and professionalism has improved, leading to significant sales and profit growth.

Turnover immediately increased by 32% and is up again by 94% in the current financial year, with plans for greater expansion in 2010.

Pinz says its team, who was once reactive and complacent, is now hungry for success and expressing pride and ownership over the business.

“Culture change is not some thing that can be easily quanti fied, but is rather one that can be viewed in the company’s results, the change in practices and professionalism, or felt from the buzz of the place as you walk around,” the manufacturer said.

Pinz managing director, David Snoad, accepted the award on behalf of the company and says being recognised on a national level represents a whole team effort.

“It’s the first major significant award that we’ve won so it actu ally feels like our achievements and efforts are finally getting out there,” Snoad told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

“We’ve had a whole culture shift in the way we do our business. We used to always be inwards looking and just sort of did our own thing but over the last two years we have developed a much more professional model,” Snoad said.

“Since the review everyone’s really focused on growth, quality systems, KPI’s and measuring output.”



Australis Engineering has received a highly commended for its business expansion and relocation project.

Following an Enterprise Connect business review, the materials handling equipment manufacturer relocated to a larg er premises at Condell Park, New South Wales. The move has allowed the business to expand its manufacturing capability and successfully pursue a diverse range of manufacturing projects.

The new location is 45% larger than the previous one and has the potential for a 60% increase in engineering personnel.

Australis Engineering says it hopes to employ 16 new employ ees, including seven engineering staff, between December 2009 and June 2011.

The relocation project has already been recognised as an important regional initiative by the NSW Government, having received a grant under the Western Sydney Business Employment Fund.



Secure Systems is an Australian high technology company that specialises in the development and manufacture of secure portable data storage products for high assurance applications.

The company took advantage of the Enterprise Connect pro gram to investigate the potential market for its Mini SDV secure portable application device. The mechanism has two key func tions: to securely store large vol umes of data; and to provide a processing environment that can be uploaded into a PC to per form secure Internet access.

According to Secure Systems, the business review was conduct ed during an important stage in the development of the Mini SDV product.

Prior to the review, the company, although confident in the underlying technology being developed, was unclear of the potential market demand for the device, which could have restricted funding commitments for commercialisation.

Grants have been used to assist with product development and commercialisation and the company has now manufactured a complete set of Mini SDV prototypes for customer trials.


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