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Bubble Curtains: Safeguarding Freshwater from Salinization

One of the many consequences of a dryer climate is that water levels are slowly but surely decreasing. That, in turn, disrupts the fresh water supply and causes salinization problems. In collaboration with local and national governments, Atlas Copco Rental regularly supplies equipment for the installation of bubble curtains in waterways to limit the damage to the environment.

Soil salinization is a process where water-soluble salts build up in the soil, affecting its health. Initially, it disrupts the metabolism of soil organisms and degrades soil quality. As it progresses, it can destroy all plant life and organisms in the soil, turning once fertile land into barren ground.

Rising sea levels contribute to this issue by flooding coastal areas with salt water, which then seeps into the soil. Additionally, climate change has led to more frequent and intense weather events like droughts and heatwaves, prompting increased groundwater usage for consumption and irrigation. This overuse further lowers the water table, allowing more salt to permeate the soil, exacerbating the salinization problem.

Bubble curtains will play an ever-increasing role in the sanitation of local waterways and preventing salinization. Atlas Copco Rental has the oil-free equipment and expertise to assist where necessary.

To prevent salinization, the bubble curtain prevents salt and fresh water from mixing. Since saltwater is heavier than fresh water, the salt water in the lower layer of the water flows into the lock when the lock gate is opened. This means that the freshwater is back in the upper layer.

When the lock is opened on the other side, the saltwater then flows back out of the chamber to the fresh side, and the chamber is filled with fresh water.

Without a bubble curtain, virtually all the fresh water in the lock chamber would be mixed with saltwater within a short period of time.

The PTS 1600 100% oil-free compressors are perfect for bubble curtain applications. It is available for both on-land and offshore applications.

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