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Brisbane high-tech manufacturers want clustering, collaboration encouraged

South-east Queensland has emerged as an area of surprising manufacturing strength, with one local CEO suggesting that the benefits of clustering could be encouraged through zoning cheap land.

Quest Newspapers report that two specialised, exporting manufacturers – play equipment maker Vuly and aerospace business Ferra Engineering – said further and more complex projects could possibly be encouraged through collaboration.

Mark Arthur, Ferra Engineering managing director, told Quest, “You wouldn’t think an aerospace company and a trampoline company could have a common (ground) … but unless you have the conversation, you don’t know.”

Vuly’s CEO Joe Andon said a “beehive effect” would see engineers and suppliers look to an area, and companies could be encouraged to lure manufacturers to an area by cheap land.

“You only need one company to be ridiculously successful for it to have a huge effect on the area,” said Andon.

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