Brewery’s Soaring Demand Triggers Search for Sustainable Oil-Free Air Solutions

Breweries require Class 0 oil-free air to ensure product quality. Even minimal traces of oil can negatively impact tastes and aromas. Class 0 oil-free air is used in multiple steps of the brewing process. Who knew oil-free air is a vital component of your favourite beer?

With expansion and growth come investments.

Atlas Copco Rentals’ customer, a local brewery, realised that due to the high demand for their product and sudden rise in orders, their existing compressed air system couldn’t meet the increased demand. And their planned upgrade was yet to be made available.

To minimise downtime and keep their production running smoothly, Atlas Copco Rental provided a long-term solution that tackled today’s issues and tomorrow’s requirements.

Atlas Copco Rental supplied the brewery with a diesel-driven Class 0 oil-free air solution that seamlessly integrated into their operations for one week.

This immediate setup allowed them to maintain uninterrupted production. And they did that not only once … but twice. Wait … Did they say … Diesel? Yes, but hear them out. There were concerns about grid reliability and because time was of the essence, they started out with a diesel-driven solution.

Once they had a green light to go “green,” they did that right away and swapped the diesel-driven solution to an electric-driven solution ensuring a more sustainable and efficient compressed air production and minimizing the footprint of our temporary Total Solution. That kind of flexibility is something that Atlas Copco Rentals can supply.

Atlas Copco Rentals’ ability to provide both electric and diesel options allowed it’s team to fulfill their specific requirements and offer a comprehensive solution. Long-term thinking and coming up with “creative” solutions are what Atlas Copco Rental’s people do best. And thanks to it’s extensive fleet, equipment is always up to the task.

Quick and efficient commissioning ensures a virtually instant transition to our additional compressors. Both (!) times. This switchover resulted in no loss of production or any delays. From the moment they hit the start button, and the oil-free air started flowing, the customer was able to meet the increased demand for their beer.

Contact your local Atlas Copco Rental experts on 133 420 for any questions and how they can design the right solution that suits your unique requirements.


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