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Breathing underwater at the touch of a button

SCORKL has launched a portable, electric SCUBA Air Compressor, offering endless, easy refills of its portable underwater breathing device.

SCORKL launches new, portable, electric SCUBA air compressor and battery pack, offering easy refills of SCORKL’s portable underwater breathing device.

SCUBA gear manufacturer SCORKL has announced the launch of ‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’, featuring a new SCORKL electric compressor and SCORKL battery pack, which enables automatic refills of SCORKL’s portable underwater breathing apparatus.

SCORKL creator and founder, David Hallamore, says that these new products offer a convenient alternative to the heavier, traditional scuba tanks.

“Traditional SCUBA air compressors are prohibitively heavy and expensive, meaning they can only be stored and operated in dive stores or in a garage,” he said. “The SCORKL electric compressor, in stark contrast, is lightweight, inexpensive, and portable. Not only can you plug it into the wall, but you can power it from a boat or car battery as well.”

For SCORKLERS wanting to go off-grid, there’s also the new SCORKL battery pack. The battery pack includes a streamlined design and marine-grade fittings, which utilises everyday 18V power tool batteries to power the SCORKL clectric compressor. The pack is compatible with Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt and Bosch batteries. It also includes features such as an LED light and USB ports to charge mobile devices.

Hallamore says that these products can make underwater freedom accessible for everyone.

“I grew up around the water, and in the water. I’m a swimmer, a boatie, a SCUBA diver, a free diver, a rower, a water polo player, and a sailor,” he said. “I love the water, and the feeling of breathing underwater is truly incredible. My dream is to give everybody else the opportunity to experience that.”

The SCORKL device is now available for pre-order and can be purchased from the product launch Kickstarter platform, ‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’.

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