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Boss Polymer Technologies enters Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame

Melbourne manufacturer Boss Polymer Technologies has been inducted into Australia's Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame, in recognition of its innovative solutions and export projects.

The company engineers polymer for custom-designed extruded profiles, moulded products and sheet products.

"We recognised many years ago that Australian plastics manufacturers could not compete with Asia at the commodity end of the market. We concentrate on the technically challenging end where custom engineered polymer solutions can improve design and reduce costs, while delivering a more environmentally sustainable outcome,” said Boss Polymer Technologies managing director, Norman Mills.

Victorian state Minister for Manufacturing, Exports and Trade Richard Dalla-Riva, inducted Boss Polymer Technologies into the Hall of Fame at an awards dinner attended by 800 representatives of the state's leading manufacturers.

Established by the Victorian Government in 2001, the Manufacturing Hall of Fame celebrates the heroes of the State's manufacturing sector – those companies and individuals who are leaders in their manufacturing field, locally and internationally.

"The world of manufacturing is not about glitz and glamour – we tend to analyse the business challenge and get down to work on a solution," said Mills.

"So, it was a delight to learn that the work done by our 25 member team is recognised by our manufacturing peers as making a valuable contribution to both technology and our economy. We thank the South East Melbourne Manufacturers' Alliance for nominating our company for this prestigious award.

In 2006, the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia awarded Boss an Automotive Engineering Excellence Award for its co-extruded ExWeld self adhesive tape system.

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