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Bosch announces digital keyless access system for cars

Bosch has announced last week that it has launched a digital vehicle access system which would turn the smartphone into a car key. With this system, smartphones are identified by the on-board sensors in a car as drivers approach them. If verified, the car will then unlock automatically. With this new application, Bosch says that no key is needed to start the engine or to lock the car again at the end of a journey.

“Perfectly Keyless, our digital vehicle access system, means that drivers will be able to do without traditional car keys. It’s a great example of stress-free connected mobility,” says Harald Kröger, president of the Bosch Automotive Electronics division.

Vehicle owners can also use an app to give other drivers permission to use their vehicles. In a secure process that is protected against unauthorised access, an additional virtual key will then be sent via the cloud to other smartphones. This will allow the providers of car-sharing services and the operators of vehicle fleets to manage access and keys flexibly.

The Perfectly Keyless system also works for entire vehicle fleets. Users can be granted and blocked access digitally, subject to geographical and time limits if so desired. This allows fleet operators such as car hire companies, providers of car-sharing services, and businesses in general to manage their vehicle keys digitally, using an app and the cloud.

Currently, there is no reports as of yet when the Bosch’s keyless system will be available for vehicles that will be imported or made here in Australia yet.

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