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Borg Panels fined $15,000 by NSW EPA

Building product manufacturer Borg Panels has been fined $15,000 by the NSW Environment Protection Authority for breaching an air quality limit at its wood processing plant in Oberon.

“The annual air monitoring results from one of Borg’s heat plants showed solid particles were discharged at five times the licence limit,” EPA Manager Central West Richard Whyte said.

“The breach comes on top of three penalty notices that were issued to Borg Panels in October 2014 for breaches of its licence. The EPA is disappointed the company’s environmental performance continues to be below par.”

“Each of these previous penalty notices attracted fines of $1,500. By issuing a $15,000 fine the EPA is sending a strong message that the company needs to lift it game.”

“The licence conditions are there to protect the environment and the community and ongoing breaches are unacceptable,” Mr Whyte added.

“As well as the $15,000 fine, Borg must provide the EPA with a schedule of works that they will undertake to ensure that future emissions meet the licence limit.

“Borg Panels is also required to undertake additional air monitoring from the heat plant until they can demonstrate that they are adequately controlling their processes,” he said.

“In taking this regulatory action the EPA expects Borg to improve its performance and putting the company on notice that further breaches may result in stronger action, including court.”

Licence holders are required to submit an Annual Return to the EPA and state which conditions of the licence had been not been complied with in the preceding year.

“The monitoring and annual reporting process are key tools that the EPA uses to ensure that companies are meeting their licence requirements. This incident demonstrates that these tools are working very effectively.”

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