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Borcat Trailers makes sustainability step with Capral Aluminium

Borcat Trailers embraces Capral Aluminium’s LocAl Green as a step towards decarbonising Australia’s industrial transport sector.

With growing concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability, Capral state there is a pressing need to decarbonise this sector.

Recognising this urgency, Australian trailer manufacturer Borcat Trailers has taken a significant step towards sustainability by embracing Capral Aluminium’s LocAl Green lower-carbon aluminium.

Borcat Trailers, a distinguished figure in Australia’s trailer manufacturing sector, has teamed up with Capral Aluminium, opting to integrate LocAl Green low carbon aluminium as the new standard for extruded aluminium supplied to its operations.

Capral’s LocAl offer includes two lower carbon aluminium options: LocAl Green with carbon emissions of 8kg CO2e/kg Al and LocAl Super Green at 4kg CO2e/kg Al.

Luke Hawkins general manager industrial and supply Chain said, “It gives Australian manufacturers an important opportunity to make more responsible procurement decisions when they source extruded aluminium.”

In addition to offering a product with lower carbon emissions, Capral has also become the first and only ASI-certified aluminium extruder in Australia

Capral believe Borcat Trailers’ decision to switch to LocAl Green, lower-carbon aluminium for all aluminium extrusions used in its trailer manufacturing process, reflects a broader trend within the Australian transport sector.

Paul Gallagher, owner of Borecat Trailers, said, “with access to LocAl Green from Capral, Borcat can deliver all the benefits of an aluminium trailer while drastically reducing the embodied carbon associated with the build. This is super important for our clients, particularly those who are managing large fleets or servicing the infrastructure space, where decarbonisation has become a top priority.

According to Capral the transport sector significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for a substantial portion of Australia’s carbon footprint.

Capral report, from robust trucks to commercial trailers, transportation vehicles and equipment heavily lean on fossil fuels, releasing CO2 and other harmful emissions into the air. Decarbonising this industry is crucial for combating climate change, enhancing air purity, and nurturing healthier communities.

The Borcat team recognise that embracing sustainability is not just a moral imperative; it’s also a business opportunity.

“Clients are increasingly demanding eco-friendly products and services, and companies that fail to adapt risk being left behind,” said Gallagher.

Borcat Trailers’ choice to adopt Capral Aluminium’s LocAl Green product marks an achievement for the company. Through its emphasis on sustainability and innovation, Borcat Trailers sets an example for others to follow.

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