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Boral Masonry

Product: Masonry One Blocks

AS one of the largest manufacturers of concrete masonry products in Australia, Boral Masonry is dedicated to reducing its impact on the environment.

Meeting all of the criteria to be deemed environmentally sustainable, the company’s Masonry One building products are made from 57% waste material (ash) from power stations — preserving other natural resources that are normally part of concrete, blocks, such as sand and aggregate.

The water used in the blocks is also fully recycled from a dam on the manufacturing site.

Fully recyclable after first use, Masonry One blocks can also be crushed and reused in the manufacturing of new concrete blocks. The blocks are also non-toxic.

With over 14 months invested in research and development of the product, the blocks also feature a two-hour fire rating and an exceptional resistance to choloride and sulphates.

This makes the product durable enough for projects close to the sea, while also making it less corrosive on steel reinforcing.

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