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BOC announces 2017 welding product release

This week, gases and engineering company BOC has announced a revamp of its welding range with the launch of eight new welding models that offer the latest in welding technology to Australian fabricators and businesses. 

Richard Fowles, senior product manager of Welding Products says the new welding range is affordable and easy to use, with advanced electronics and digital control that focus on delivering improved safety and quality.

“Safety is a top priority for BOC and our customers. With new legislative changes in electrical safety, our machines now carry the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) required by all welding manufacturers in Australia.

“Whether it’s small fabrication jobs or automated robotic applications, BOC understands the need to have machines that provide the right power capacity and processes to deliver a quality job. Many of the new models will upgrade or replace products in our current range, designed to deliver the best welding experience.”

Four new lightweight and portable models offer excellent reliability and performance. The new BOC Smootharc MMA131vrd and MMA171vrd models are perfect for fabricators on the go, with new TIG capabilities and voltage reduction devices that reduce open circuit voltage to safer levels. While the new BOC Smootharc Multi-Process 180 and BOC Smootharc MIG181 models come with optional spool guns (purchased separately) for added convenience.

Two remote power workhorses, Smootharc Advance II MIG250R single-phase and Smootharc Advance II MIG400R three-phase offer MMA capability. Internal toolboxes contain a Binzel MIG torch, regulator, wire feeder, inter-connecting cable, wire feed rollers, gas hose with quick release, electrode holder and work return lead.

As the exclusive distributor of leading German welding brand EWM, BOC now offers two digital, high-end machines -the Tetrix 230 ACDC Comfort 2.0 TIG inverter (with MMA capabilities) and the multi-functional Phoenix 405 Progress Pulse (MIG/MAG with MMA, TIG and arc air gouging functionalities).

Technical Manager for Specialised Manufacturing at BOC Peter Kuebler says the introduction of EWM patented processes allow users to gain the best possible results when welding. 

“Our new EWM welding machines offer solutions for the simple task right through to complex automated robotic applications. We offer users gas, equipment and the technical expertise required to get those tricky jobs done.”

The new welding models include:

  • BOC Smootharc MMA 131vrd 
  • BOC Smootharc MMA 171vrd
  • BOC Smootharc Multi-process 180
  • BOC Smootharc MIG 181
  • Smootharc Advance II MIG250R
  • Smootharc Advance II MIG400R
  • Tetrix 230 ACDC vrd (EWM)
  • Phoenix 405 Progress Pulse (EWM)


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