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BMW and Queensland University develop research program

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has partnered with Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) to open doors for a postgraduate research program.

The initiative will be carried out in Brisbane through Dr Rafael Gomez, QUT’s study area coordinator for industrial design. The program will give design students the technical skills to undertake paid internships at BMW’s Munich headquarters.

“Students have been able to work across various BMW innovation departments, working with cutting-edge emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and big data,” said professor Mandy Thomas, QUT’s creative industries executive dean.

Thomas says the BMW and QUT Design partnership would involve workshops from BMW-led projects and a bespoke program to give undergraduates technical knowledge and other experience required to undertake an internship and further their career options.

Dr Gomez says the collaboration between QUT’s Industrial Design program and BMW has been carried out since early 2018.

“This year will see this collaboration grow with students working at two new labs in Munich (Autonomous Systems and Robotics),” Gomez said.

“We teach students to have a board skillset, be digital savvy, have creative thinking skills, and be comfortable with managing complex problems. QUT believes that such talent should be rewarded with opportunity, which they are getting from BMW.”

Pre-internship opportunities will be assessed as Work Integrated Learning Activities and provide a space for applied research for QUT students and researchers.

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